Viernes · 29 · Marzo · 2019

Viernes · 29 · Mar · 2019

¿Quieres entrarle a Game of Thrones antes de la temporada final? Estos son los 23 capítulos esenciales para entenderle ???⚔️
T H E N D。 IS CΦΜ ING ¿Quieres prepararte para la temporada final de Game of Thrones? Estos son los capítulos esenciales I para entender la historia. Ep.1 “WINTER IS COMING' Ep.9 'BAELOR' Ep. 10 'FIRE AND BLOOD' Ep. 6 'THE OLD GODS AND THE NEW Ep.9 'BLACKWATER' Ep.10 'VALAR MORGHULIS' Ep.4 'AND NOW HIS WATCH IS ENDED' Ep. 9 'THE RAINS OF CASTAMERE Ep. 8 'SECOND SONS' Ep.8 'THE MOUNTAIN Ep. 2 'THE LION AND THE ROSE'AND THE VIPER' Ep. 10 'THE CHILDREN SHAME Ep.6 UNBOWED UNBENT, UNBROKEN' Ep.9 'THE DANCE Ep.10 'MOTHER'S OF DRAGONS' Ep 8 'HARDHOME' MERCY' Ep. 9 'BATTLE Ep.10 'THE WINDS OF THE BASTARDS' Ep. 2 'HOME' Ep. 5 'THE DOOR' OF WINTER Ep.7 ''THE DRAGON AND THE WOLF' Ep.3 'THE QUEEN'S JUSTICE' Ep.4 'THE SPOILS OF WAR' FUENTE: 'The 20 Most Essential Game of Thrones Episodes' TIME I Thrillist. PICTOLINE
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